Sunday, May 18, 2008

What I've (Darren) been up to lately...

I have been staying busy with life, and I just thought I'd post a couple of pictures. I had a great birthday. I got up at 7 for an early meeting in Salt Lake, then worked until 6. Just after 6 we all had dinner at Winger's then headed off to the Jazz vs. Lakers game with Jason, Phillip, and Dad. The game was a bummer (Jazz lost), which really put a damper on my day. But what really made my day was all the very thoughtful gifts and acts of love from my family, and especially Heather.

Heather really made my birthday a special one in so many ways. She even put up with me for 5 hours at the E Center watching Dave Ramsey (which by the way was awesome!) the day after. We ended up at the new Tucano's restaurant at the Gateway mall and then shopped for a couple hours afterwards. Heather got a new pair of sunglasses and a new summer purse, both of which are well deserved and long waited for.

Life is great. I love Heather with every piece of everything that I am. She is amazing and exceeds my expectations every day. I couldn't be any happier... that is, until we probably start a family.

Here's some pictures:

This is us about two weeks ago before the Rockets vs. Jazz game. We went to Iggy's before the game and pigged out!

I had the chance to work the sidelines of a Real Salt Lake soccer game recently. I basically held this parabolic dish and followed the ball the whole game to pick up sound for T.V. It was a way cool experience to be right next to the players.

This is us (including Grandpa) eating at Winger's on my birthday.

Phillip, Jason, and me on my birthday at the Jazz vs. Lakers game. Too bad we lost... oh well, better luck next year!

This was perhaps the funniest part of the night. This guy sitting next to my dad is from Preston, ID. For those of you who don't know where or what Preston is, it's the city that Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. I kid you not, if there ever was such thing as a redneck, this guy was it. For some reason he kept standing up and talking with Dad about weird redneck stuff. But hey, the two really hit it off!!! LOL!

This is me right before the Dave Ramsey seminar holding my "Total Money Makeover" book written by Dave Ramsey. This book has changed our lives! We are well on our way to having ZERO debt including no credit card debt, no car debt (owning both cars) and ZERO student loan debt.

I know you can't see it very well but this is a view from our seats, 3rd row! It was so cool to see Dave live in person. Cash is king and debt is dumb!


Kerstin said...

You will have to fill me in on how the seminar went. I listen to some Dave Ramsey every night when I do the dishes. I also have a library hold on his "Total Money Makeover". Why pay money for the book if I can read it for free? Unfortunately, it is a very popular book.

And...Happy Birthday Darren!

Kerstin said...

Thanks Darren!

I will treat your baby with care!

annie valentine said...

I'd love to meet your brother, he looks hot.