Saturday, October 27, 2012

Did We Tell You Our News?

Two little boys under 2! We couldn't be more excited to give Stockton a little brother.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Stockton has been up to......

Come see what Stockton has been doing lately.....

 Getting his first haircut. 
Had to take the cape off. Didn't love it! He is great at letting mommy cut his hair. 

Love playing in Dirt.

 He loves eating it too!
 Hot tubbing with grandpa Keith and Daddy.
This picture made me laugh. He loves swinging. He looks so serious!

 Likes to help make cookies.
Had to turn the lights on and off.

Loves wagon rides.

Had fun at the Fair. He got to see lots of different animals.

Helping dad wash the car.

Relaxing with daddy.

Loves sitting like a big boy.

Daddy day out. WSU football game.

And preparing to be a big brother in March......

Monday, September 10, 2012

Seattle or Bust!

Darren and I decided to take advantage of living in the NorthWest and go to Seattle! We went for a long weekend, before Darren started school. (He got into the MBA program in Gonzaga) We packed our bags and we were there before we knew it. In true Tintle form, Darren had a plan. We had a new thing to do everyday. It was fun and one little boy got very tired after each day.

We had to check out the Space needle. Stockton wanted to run around, but he settled with being held from us.

Stockton meets friends wherever he goes. Here is his gf at the Seattle Aquarium. He loves fish! I think the Aquarium was his favorite part of our trip.

Oh daddy and Stockton are so silly!

Love these boys. Stock loves being on daddies shoulders.

Smiley Stockton!

Mariners game! Stockton loved the playground they had there.

Stockton loved this puppet show. He danced his little booty off.

4th of July and Goodbyes!

This year the 4th of July was sad and fun. It was the last time we got to see our best friends here in Moscow. They BOTH had to move back to UTAH! We went out with a bang! Literally. We had a BBQ and Lit fireworks. 

Stockton with all his buddies. 

Me and the girls, Jenn and Tina. Miss them!

Darrens buds, Seth and Jon.

Our cute little family. 


When we lit fireworks Stockton just went off and did his own thing. He is such a funny little kid.
It was a fun 4th!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watch For Stock

When you see a sign like this, you have to stop for a picture.


Sometimes I forget that we live in a very beautiful place. I just have to look at my window and see such green beautiful rolling hills. Nothing like it. We have lived here over a year and haven't gone out to explore this beautiful place. Darren had a Friday off. We decided to go to Elk River on a hike with some of our friends. It takes you up to 3 different waterfalls in a 3 mile radius. 

Stockton was eager to get outside, but not eager to get in his backpack.

So happy......

I mean really really happy....

This is the first waterfall. Stockton is happy to be out of that backpack.

Our friends let us use their backpack. Stockton loved it and was happy the rest of the hike! Now we need to go buy one.

Absolutely breath taking. 

We are definitely going to take advantage of this beautiful place. We can't wait to try more hikes that are close to us. 

Visiting Granny

 While we were in Utah, Darren and I, took Stockton to see Darren's Grandma. We call her Granny. She was so sweet with him. There is just something about seeing people you love treat your child with such love. I am glad we went. It was a special moment for us.
We love you Granny!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoo Fun!

When we got the Zoo, Stockton, hadn't had a nap and was so tired!

 Mommy and baby looking at Rhino's
 He loves to point to show you things. Here he is pointing at the Giraffe.
 We got to go with his Cousins, Jane and Paisley.
 Jane looking cute in shades.
 Pretty Paisley
 It wouldn't be complete without the train.
 Having Fun!
 Hot and tired.
Darren and Phillip. We had a blast with Phillip, Jane and Paisley. We can't wait to go again!