Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What a vacation! Darren and I had a blast in cabo with his parents. It was one of the best vacations I have ever been on (despite the fact I gained 6 pounds). The resort we stayed at was all in-inclusive. So we got to eat whenever and whatever we wanted. We totally took advanted of that. The whole week consisted of, laying out at the pool/ beach, relaxing, sipping pina colada's, eating at all the different buffets, whale watching, snorkeling, para-sailing, riding around on atv's, and my favorite part, getting to know my in-laws, esp my mother-n-law a whole lot better. Laying out at the pool, what everyday consisted of.
This is what we saw everyday, beautiful Cabo.
Don't we look hot all tan?!
Hanging out with my father-n-law at dinner.
Don't they look totally cute? We are going around town on our atv's.

Life goes on cont....

This is the pic of me hydroplaning off the freeway.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life has been busy....

Wow! What can I say about this past week. It has been way hectic and busy. First off, since Darren and I are moving I decided I wanted to use my hair license and get a job at a salon. I set up some interviews. The morning of there is this snowstorm. The roads were icy the whole way up. I was almost at my first appointment and I hit slush. I weaved in and out of traffic and spun off the freeway and did a half donut on the side of the freeway. (we took pictures, so I will post pictures soon) I was very shooken up and of course my wonderful husband comes to the rescue. I finally make it to my first interview, over an hour late. I didn't get the first job. I did however get the last job I interviewed for. I am so excited about my new job. I am working at a salon, called Totally Clips. The girls seem great, and the job seems great. 

Yesterday we moved out of our apartment. We don't exactly have an apartment, so we are living with my in-laws for a couple weeks. I hate moves. It seems that everytime we move I find aches in parts of my body that I didn't know exhisted. Anyway life is great and tomorrow I am going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. YA!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back from Dallas...

Hey all y'all (I've heard enough of this this week), I finally got home last nigh just after 9 p.m. from Dallas, Texas. Bless Heather's heart waiting an extra hour and a half for me due to the flight delay (don't flight delays just stink?)

This was my first "official" business trip. It was kind of nice in the sense that everything was taken care of from the flight, to the hotel, to every meal. Basically what I did all week was get trained Every day from 8-5 on the business. I am very happy with Sherwin-Williams so far, it seems like a great company. What has impressed me perhaps more than anything is not only its very low turnover rate, but how many of its employees have been with the company most of their careers, upwards of 40 years. I think that this really tells me that there must be something about Sherwin-Williams and how it takes care of its employees. S-W even made the top 100 Fortune list of the best companies to work for in America. It did come in 98th place, but just making the list says something!

Like Heather already posted, we are headed up a little northward to Bountiful! This kind of came as a shock because there was quite a bit of movement which led to an immediate opening in the Orem store. So for a couple of weeks Heather and I just kind of assumed that they would probably just place me in Orem. However, the District Manager has others things in mind for me I guess. I'm actually really glad for this because it will be good for both of us (especially Heather) to get out of Utah County. I know I know, Bountiful isn't much different, but hopefully this is a stepping stone to us possibly moving in the future. There is a good chance of this. What happens with SW is that I will probably be an assistant for about a year give or take a couple of months, and then as opportunities present themselves, we might move to another store in Salt Lake, or perhaps out of state. Really, only time will tell. But for now I am just very excited and VERY overwhelmed going up to Bountiful to finally assistant manage.

By the way, if any of you are ever interested in possibly repainting a room or some little project around the house, give us a ring. I don't say this to "make money" off of you, but rather as an opportunity to take on a new fun project. I can't wait for us to move into our first house hopefully in the next couple of years and really have fun painting rooms. Painting can really be fun!

Anyways, this is about all the news I have. It was fun going to Dallas, especially seeing 90% of the guys I went with getting wasted every night (this is something that I just won't ever completely understand). Hope you enjoyed this blog. I'll let Heather post on here whenever, and occasionally I'll update you on my happenings.

Happy February!