Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yes, It's FINALLY True...

Darren and I FINALLY have an announcement... we're having a baby! We are super excited and have been pinching ourselves. We can't believe it's true. We are due around the middle of March. I am only about 5 weeks along, but already getting some morning sickness. We both can't wait till our little one comes in the spring.

Darren and I tried to think of clever ways of telling our families that I was pregnant. We first told my parents and took them to lunch. It was my mom's birthday the week before and I bought her a little birthday present. I gave her this book she is holding in the picture titled "I knew I loved you before you were born." I thought for sure she would get it, but she responded by saying "I have never read this book before." Luckily, I knew my mom probably would need more probing. So, I wrote in the book the following: "To my mom, my best friend. I hope the new addition is as close to you as I am!" My mom finally got it and was very happy for me. I have never seen my parents both have teary eyes before until then. I love them!

This was the funnest way to tell Darren's family. We were all meeting at a park for a farewell/happy birthday party for Jason (Darren's brother) going to the Air Force and Philip's (Darren's brother-n-law) birthday. We were all sitting down eating our food when Darren announced that he wanted to take a picture of everyone. He said "Ok everyone, on the count of three everyone say: 'Heather's pregnant!'" Needless to say we got the most classic picture that I will always cherish.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A new Heather!

I couldn't take my long hair anymore. It was too hot, and to hard to even straighten. Today I chopped it off. Don't I look good!? Thanks Ciera, I love it!

This is the before picture. Why didnt anyone tell me it was this long!!!!!???

Sooo much better.

I cut off almost ten inches. I love it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Darren and I had so much fun this past week. On the 3rd we went to the annual Eaglewood fireworks where we live. We got Subway, cards and our blanket to spend the evening there. It was so fun. It reminded me of when we were engaged and we were in Oregon watching fireworks together. The one dumb thing I did, (ok maybe two dumb things)I totally was proud of myself and got everything together before Darren got off work. Put both camera and camcorder in the bag, the food, blankets, etc. When we got to Eaglewood. Darren pulled out the camcorder ready to document our fun night, but guess what I did?! I forgot to put a new tape in the camcorder. How was I suppose to know. At least we had our camera right? WRONG! Darren got it all charged the night before so it would have all its battery for this and 4th. Well, I do it again. I forgot to put in the battery. Darren just keep looking at me like "are you serious?" Needless to say we cant show any pictures of that, but we have tons of the 4th :).On the 4th Darren ran a 5k in Provo. He was so excited. His mom was running it to. It would be her first 5k race. Kudo's for her. I was so proud of Darren for running this race. He did so well although taking a pic and video taping at the same time seemed a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. After the race we went to magleby's for breakfast. They have the best french toast. So we of course had to get more. Later that day we went to my mothers house and had a BBQ with my sisters and their kids. I loved it. I am the baby hungry aunt. I enjoyed every minute of playing with all the kids.

Darren driving to the race at 6am. He is way pumped.

Darren at the finish line. He looks hot!

Darren, his mom, and sister linds, after the race.

I told Ally she could look like me if I could do her hair. So we are having fun. She then told me she thinks I should do her toenails too. lol.

Ally and I being twinners!