Thursday, February 18, 2010


Darren and I went to his families house for Christmas. We got to watch our cute little niece open presents and get overwhelmed by all the presents she got. Darren spoiled me like always and got me a sewing machine and everything else I asked for. The best present I got him was two Jazz tickets and a gift card to get a new Jazz Hat. Later on that day I got to see my mom and celebrate with her since my Dad was out of town! I love Christmas and being around family.
Man aren't we attractive on Christmas morning.
Looks like there is way more presents then tree. Also in picture is our BIL Phillip.

Some of our loot. I actually took my sewing machine back to find a better one. Does anyone know where to find one?


For part of my birthday present back in December Darren surprised me and took me sledding in Park City! It was a blast and had fun being a little kid again with my sweetheart!

Having fun getting towed up to the hill!
Enjoying the streets of Park City, boy is it romantic in the wintertime!


I guess I better stop blogging again and finish our trip when we were in Vegas! We had a blast there. We went to great shows and ate great food. One of our highlights was being on the show Let's Make A Deal. We didn't get on, but our BIL and SIL got on and ALMOST won a car. To bad they got ZONKED!!
Vegas was fun, can't wait to go again!

Darren and I in front of our Hotel, The Trump! It was awesome, it was non smoking an no casino in it!
All of us that were on Let's Make A Deal!