Sunday, June 29, 2008

A fun filled day

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me. I woke up a little early and had to get ready for the a parade in our area. Our salon was going to be walking in the parade and handing out coupons. When I got to the area where we were going to meet our salon owner said that we had no one to carry the banner. The kids who were going to hold it canceled 30 mins prior. Me and the other stylist, Gwen, went to go find someone to help us. We are asking strangers to come be in our float. Free haircuts we even offered. Well, it worked. We got three ten year old little boys to come help us. They had fun and so did we.

Later that night, I went on a girls night out with a couple of Darren's sisters and his mother. We went to Macaroni Grill, then to the play, The Sound of Music. I had a blast chilling with everyone. Everyone needs a girls night out once in a while. It was also nice at the end of the night to go home to my baby, Dar. :)

Gwen, me and the three little boys who held our banner. They thought they were so cool. Later that afternoon they came into the salon to get their free haircuts we promised.

Our owner and her children our sitting in the back of this old fashion car throwing candy.

Me and my little "sis" Hayley at the play.

Me trying to take a picture of all of us.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A finished room

Darren and I are so excited. We finally finished a room in our apartment. He has been bugging me to get a rug and a curtain and today we finally found one we liked. So, Tada, here is a few pics of our living room.

I love my little black and white chair. Isn't it cute? Also, Darren and his mom found our tables in that room at a garage sell when we first got married. He painted them black and now they look awesome.

We have a really cool loft that is our study. I am taking a pic from there of my cute husband.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's new:

Nothing much new. We're just living life and enjoying every bit of it. Here's a couple of my random thoughts:

I am coming up on six months with Sherwin-Williams. I have learned a lot, and am doing really well as I begin my career. I've decided this: I don't consider working for Sherwin-Williams a job. Instead, I consider it a jumpstart to my career. I've always been very intrigued in businesses and how they are run. Truly, this job has given me great opportunities to work in a lot of areas in a business: sales, marketing, operations management, managing people, accounting, statistics, etc.

Also, I've taken it upon myself to train for my second half-marathon in August. I'm about four weeks into my training, and finally running is becoming fun. For those of you that have run before, you know that the first 3-4 weeks (maybe a little more) are the hardest weeks to get through. I can now run 4-5 miles pretty easily without running out of breath. And let me tell you, when you run 4+ miles, you burn a lot of calories which basically means you lose a lot of weight. So far I've lost 13 pounds, and am nearing 200! Yea!

Lastly, Heather and I are happy it's summer! We love Bountiful so far, and we're excited to get out more and explore areas up here. Hope this post didn't bore you enough... but Heather likes it when I come on here occasionally to write.

I love to run!

I did my first scalp massage on Heather and this is how it turned out! HOT!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We like Bountiful

Life has been pretty good so far. Darren and I are both busy working tons of hours at work. I am working atleast 40 hours at work and loving being that busy. My confidence has gone way up. I must say that my A-line haircuts are getting pretty amazing. Which I have always struggled with. I also can't believe how much better I have been getting paid. Bountiful people sure know how to tip! I had to fix a little girls A-line haircut the other day and I got a 20 dollar tip for a 10 min haircut. The one bad thing about this job, is that it's killer to see all these adorable kids and I am very baby hungry.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day out with Jane

Today I got to babysit one of my adorable nieces. I get to babysit her every tuesday for the month of June to help my sister-n-law out. I want a baby so bad that this is so fun for me. Jane and I got to do alot of fun stuff today. We shopped, played, and played some more. My sister and mom came up. My sister brought her kids and we went to the Bountiful rec center. We had a blast. By the time my sister-n-law Tiffany came to pick up Jane I was exhausted. I got a very tiny glimpse at how mothers must feel. I can't wait to do it again next week. Thanks Tiffany for letting me take care of her!

Jane and her big beautiful smile and cool glasses that I just bought her.

Jane and my other neice Ally. They both liked each other alot!