Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's new:

Nothing much new. We're just living life and enjoying every bit of it. Here's a couple of my random thoughts:

I am coming up on six months with Sherwin-Williams. I have learned a lot, and am doing really well as I begin my career. I've decided this: I don't consider working for Sherwin-Williams a job. Instead, I consider it a jumpstart to my career. I've always been very intrigued in businesses and how they are run. Truly, this job has given me great opportunities to work in a lot of areas in a business: sales, marketing, operations management, managing people, accounting, statistics, etc.

Also, I've taken it upon myself to train for my second half-marathon in August. I'm about four weeks into my training, and finally running is becoming fun. For those of you that have run before, you know that the first 3-4 weeks (maybe a little more) are the hardest weeks to get through. I can now run 4-5 miles pretty easily without running out of breath. And let me tell you, when you run 4+ miles, you burn a lot of calories which basically means you lose a lot of weight. So far I've lost 13 pounds, and am nearing 200! Yea!

Lastly, Heather and I are happy it's summer! We love Bountiful so far, and we're excited to get out more and explore areas up here. Hope this post didn't bore you enough... but Heather likes it when I come on here occasionally to write.

I love to run!

I did my first scalp massage on Heather and this is how it turned out! HOT!!!!!!


Christian said...

Heather, if you have Darren give you a scalp massage long enough, you can look like this guy:

Heather's new do

Heather said...

wow that was embarrassing! Thanks Dar for picture of me! Love ya!

wouldn't that be awesome if my hair did that?

Beau and Emily said...

Oh! That is so much fun, I can't believe Darren did that! By the way I tag you!