Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stockton's 1-year pictures

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am getting TOO big!

Stockton is getting to be a very active little baby and big! In fact, I am not sure if I can ever call him a baby anymore. He is almost ONE! He has been so busy lately. He wants to be in EVERYTHING. He also wants to be where I am at all times! If I am trying to do dishes, there he comes crawling as fast as he can to "help." Let's not talk about if I have to go to the bathroom. ;) 

June 9th He will be One and we are going to be in Utah to celebrate it with all our friends and family! We are super excited. Also that morning Darren and I our running a half marathon! (My first) It's been a lot of work and dedication, but I for one am eager and excited to finish something pretty big for me. 

Here are a couple of new things Stockton has been doing....

 Yes, here he is "helping" me do dishes.

We just bought him this new chair. He loved it...that is until he was too scared to get off the chair.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Darren!

 We wanted to wish a very special Happy Birthday to the best Dad and Husband!
 You are a very special Daddy! Even though Stockton doesn't always love to cuddle, he loves you!
 You know how to make us smile and brighten up our lives.
Happy birthday from YOUR two favorite people!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Because I Am Cute!

Stockton Got a Pool.

 We thought Stock would enjoy a little pool for the summer.

 He liked the rocks more. Haha!

 He is obsessed with these rocks surrounding our yard and house. He climbed out of the pool and head straight for the rocks.
 OOH dad! Stop throwing water on me!
So serious! I really did have fun!

St. George Girls Trip.

My Mother In law took us girls on a much needed girls only trip to St. George. I was too attached to leave Stockton. They were all nice enough to let me bring this little guy along.

It was so nice to see everyone of the Tintle girls, except my other cute Sister In Law, Annie, Who is living in Germany and couldn't make it.  We sure did miss you girl!
The whole weekend we just vegged and relaxed by the pool. Best weekend ever. On one of the days, My  mother in law, Surprised us to a Spa Day! She got me a baby sitter for Stockton. That was hard to leave him with a baby-sitter for the first time. It was so worth it tho. He enjoyed himself and I needed a little break. When I picked him up he didn't even act like I had left! 

I was so glad I was able to go on this trip. I had the best time. When it was over I sure was eager to get back home to my husband. We sure did miss him lots! Thanks to Trish I was rejuvenated and ready to be back!

Now for pictures!
Loving on Aunt Tiffy! He sure did like floating around with her in the pool.

Had a great swim!

After the Day spa! Ready to go back to the real world!

Lunch at the Spa. It was all healthy and refreshing!

Hayley and I ready to get our massage on!

Tiffany relaxing by the pool at the spa!

Lindsey raking in front of the spa....was it relaxing Linds?

Grandma and Stockton at the pool.

Love this little guy! Had the best time and glad I got to bring him along!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Learned New Tricks in Utah.

We have been so excited to go to Utah. Every year, Darren's mom, takes us girls on a trip to St. George. We stay at her condo and just do fun girly things. This year was different for me. I had Stockton. I have never left him alone more then a couple hours. Lucky for me Stockton got to go with us! We took advantage of this and took a mini family vacation to Utah. Yipee!

Darren drove with us to Utah and flew back home a couple days later. (Yes, this means I drove 10 hours home with a baby by MYSELF.) We first spent a few days with Darren's family.  Grandma and Grandpa hadn't seen him for a couple months. They were eager to see him. It took him a couple minutes to warm up. After that he just loved exploring their house. Here are some of his new tricks he learned at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Warning! Picture Overload!

 He loved this toy! It had never dawned on me that he would like something like this. He wouldn't get off of it. Let's just say he is now getting something similar for his birthday.

 He loved pushing this stroller. I was a little horrified that I went and bought him his very own BOY WALKER!
 At home he has been obsessed with our stairs. Little did I know he was trying to figure out how to climb them!

 Just relaxing after he finished climbing the first set of stairs.

 Eager to continue on.....
 Now we have to teach him how to go down! FUN!

We had fun the first few days at Grandma and Grandpa Tintles......but now we had to leave to go see more people who adore Stockton....My families house!

Elijah my nephew playing with Stockton. I love this picture of them.

 He wanted to crawl. I kept trying to pick him up and put him on the grass, but he wanted to get back on the cement.

Loving the grass.
Oh and he was obsessed with my moms stairs too. We had so much fun with our families. We are glad we made this trip. Stockton grew tons on the trip and just enjoyed having so many people love him.