Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am getting TOO big!

Stockton is getting to be a very active little baby and big! In fact, I am not sure if I can ever call him a baby anymore. He is almost ONE! He has been so busy lately. He wants to be in EVERYTHING. He also wants to be where I am at all times! If I am trying to do dishes, there he comes crawling as fast as he can to "help." Let's not talk about if I have to go to the bathroom. ;) 

June 9th He will be One and we are going to be in Utah to celebrate it with all our friends and family! We are super excited. Also that morning Darren and I our running a half marathon! (My first) It's been a lot of work and dedication, but I for one am eager and excited to finish something pretty big for me. 

Here are a couple of new things Stockton has been doing....

 Yes, here he is "helping" me do dishes.

We just bought him this new chair. He loved it...that is until he was too scared to get off the chair.