Saturday, March 5, 2011


This past month has been a crazy one for me. It all started when Darren told me he was sending his resume with Sherwin Williams to Brazil. Ya, you heard it, Brazil. I let him do it, but to,d him no way am I moving there especially with our little boy on the way. He did get a few responses, but that made him more proactive to get a manager job. So he started calling other divisions in the company. He found out there was an opening in a small town in Idaho called, Moscow. He applied and within a couple days they flew him out for an interview and within a week they offered him the job and had to start the following week. Of course he took it and within a few days we packed his stuff and moved him up there.

I drove up there with him, so I could find us a place to live and then head back home to finish work and get our apartment packed up. I had no idea finding a decent place to live would be a nightmare. Apparently it's a college town and nothing really opens up until May. I had to look at homes that people were trying get out of their contracts early. I swear it took me a couple days to realize that first of all most of the homes were built before 1960 and you were lucky if it had been remodeled or even had heat and electricity. People didn't want to spend money on the rentals, because mainly college students (Moscow is home of University of Idaho and Five minutes a way is Washington State University) lived there and who could blame them. After getting frustrated and pregnant, I found the perfect place. It was a new town home that was bigger then any place we have ever lived in and was in a great neighborhood away from college kids. We were ecstatic. Only catch? We can't move in until the end of march. We knew it was the right place to raise our little boy, so we got it and now live in a Motel until we can move in. Fun! I got to go home while Darren lived in the Motel until I could join him. I packed the house with help from my family and his. I don't know what I would of done without them. Thanks family!

As I write this blog entry I am sitting in the Motel and excited to start our new adventure as our little family unit. We are very excited to check out everything around us. I know living in a small town will also be good for me and Darren. We will learn a lot together and our little baby boy. I will post pictures soon when I can figure out where the camera chord is to upload pictures.