Monday, January 24, 2011

and were having a......


and we couldn't be more excited!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnancy stuff....

I guess I should start posting about this pregnancy. I am 19 weeks today I wanted to show a belly picture, but I just look like I gained 20 pounds. So not cute yet. The begining of this pregnancy was really rough for me. I was so sick and couldn't keep much down. I also was starting heparin and had to give myself two shots a day. Which doesnt feel to good. I wasn't enjoying pregnancy. After about 16 weeks or so it started calming down and I feel really great now. I am loving every minute of this pregnancy. The shots are getting easier, or maybe I am just getting use to them. The baby is moving up a storm. Even Darren has gotten to feel the baby kick. I love this baby and can't wait for him or her to join our family in June.
I have only had a few set cravings, like taco bell once a week, and bottled water. (yes it has to be bottled water. Tap water makes me gag.)
I definately have had food aversions which Darren finds somewhat funny. I can't stand chicken! I dont know why but I cant even look at it. Darren likes to hold up chicken at the grocery store and see my face turn white. Lol

Like I said before Darren and I are very excited to be parents soon and to find out what were having. January 24th is the day we find out. Hope you all made your guesses to what we are having!