Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stocktons First Christmas.

Most of everyone spent the night at my parents for Christmas. So we woke up to more presents then usual. Stockton got everything he wanted for Christmas, a Byu hat and Food. (no I had never given him food until Christmas morning).

This was a really nice Christmas. Not only did we get to spend it with people we love, we also got to go to church on Christmas morning. It was a great Sacrament meeting. It totally brought the spirit that day.

After Church we left to go see his side of the family open some presents and drive up to Logan for dinner at Darrens Cousins house. We had turkey dinner, played games, talked and the boys watched sports!

Stockton had a great Christmas. He did start getting clingy by the end of the night, after being passed around all day, but all in all he did awesome. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Our Christmas Tree

Stockton with his two favorite presents.
Elijah helping Stock open presents.
Our cute Stockings that we got someone to make us!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was at my parents house this year. We had EVERYONE over. It was the first time in YEARS this has ever happened. Stockton loved all the attention. ALL the kids loved him! Everyone wanted to hold him. I was surprised how well all the cousins did with him. As one on my nieces Ally said, "he is so happy, because he is getting attention!" :)

Christmas Eve we had our traditional Clam Chowder and sandwiches. After Dinner we sang carols and Santa left a present at the door for the kids. PAJAMAS! The kids had fun and so did all the adults. Christian at the end put a timer on for ten minutes and wrestled with the kids. They were so exhausted when they finally went to bed. Heh, so were the adults.

My sister in law, Denise and I with our boys in their matching pjs.
Darren playing the piano with his accompanist, Topher.
The kids thought it would be fun to walk Stockton.
My handsome boys.
Some of the cousins.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stockton and Tian

For the past few months we had been Skyping with my brother and his family. We wanted to be able to see each others kids since we both lived so far away from each other. The kids loved Stockton, Tian especially. In fact before he met Stockton he would call every bald baby in Az Stockton.

When they finally met Tian always wanted to hold Stockton. I loved it. Here are a few pictures of the two cousins!

Stockton has only given a few people kisses. Besides mommy and daddy Tian was one.
Stockton wanted to get in the picture with Stockton Christmas morning.
Love Tian face in this.

Tian wanted to hold him. Haha. I think Stockton was too heavy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Pictures!

We got our first official professional family pictures done. Thanks To we got some really cute pictures! We are soo happy with the pictures and can't wait to send out our Christmas cards with some of our fave pics in it! It was fun to take pictures what Moscow is famous for. The wheat fields! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stocktons First Halloween

Darren and I were so excited to share Halloween with Stockton. Holidays are so much better with kids. Halloween in the past has been a dud. Either I had the flu and it ruined our plans OR Darren had to work late and ruined our plans. This year NO ONE got sick and Darren didn't work late. YIPPEE!

We started out the Holiday the week before carving pumpkins. We went to our neighbors house and enjoyed carving designs in the pumpkins and after we had hot chocolate. Stockton had no idea what we were doing. He did what he does best and fell asleep in my arms. :)

Darren carving our pumpkins. He did a good job. He carved a joker.
Stocktons is the little one and Darrens is the other one. He Loves to sleep.

Stockton with the Joker. It was really cool with a candle.All the pumpkins that were carved.

On actual Halloween, I couldn't find Stockton anywhere! I looked and looked and instead I found the scariest little green Dinosaur.
Scary, right?

Another "scary" picture.
Well, Darren didn't believe me. SO I took this scary Dinosaur to Darrens work.
Ok, so he wasn't scary. He was pretty darn cute.

After Darren got off work, we went to a Halloween party our friends put on. They had food, games and lots of kids dressed up. After the party we all went trick or treating.

Couldn't help but kiss the cute little green Dinosaur.Stockton doesn't know it yet, but this is his best friend. They are about 8 weeks apart. CUTE!This is one of Stocktons friends, Cam. They really do like each other. Stockton hated being dressed up.

We took Stockton to his first house to trick or treat. He didn't really care to much.

After about 3 houses he fell asleep on me. Love this boy! We took him home after he fell asleep. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. We sure did!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our sweet Stockton

Stockton is 4 1/2 months old. He has been such a blessing and joy in our lives. Everyday Darren and I get amazed at the new things he does. One day he starts to giggle and then in two more weeks he laughs at everything we do. LOVE HIM.

Here are some fun things about him. He is a very laid back baby. He doesn't cry much. When he does it's usually because he is tired or hungry. Hiccups? No problem, they don't phase him. We even have to check his diaper to see if its dirty. He doesn't care if it is! EEK!

He LOVES to be held. He wants to be held all the time. He will be totally content for hours if we just hold him. If I do need to put him down so I can get stuff done, he wont be as happy, but wont complain much. One thing he just started doing is while he is being held he will cuddle up and put his head on my shoulder. Melts my heart every time!

Stockton has the best smile. Whenever he has a big smile he scrunches his nose. Cutest thing ever! He loves to smile at anything mommy and daddy do, especially daddy. Daddy is the funniest thing to him. Daddy is basically the only one to get Stockton into full out belly laughs. It's hilarious! This is good for daddy, because Stockton is a Mommas boy.

Bath time is one of his favorite times of the day. He loves to splash his little feet. He would stay in there all day if we let him. He is one clean baby!

Stockton has just learned to sleep in his own room and crib. In fact he has gotten so good at it. We just can't forget to swaddle him or he cries til daddy comes to the rescue. If only I could get some sleep now that I have my bed back to myself again.

I could go on and on about this guy. He is the love of our lives. We couldn't of asked for a sweeter baby to come into our lives. We feel so blessed to have him and can't wait until we can give him a sibling. Hopefully soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

California Vacation- Lake Arrowhead part 3

For the last few days of our California trip, we went up to Lake Arrowhead. We spent the rest of the time there relaxing, boating and playing games. It was a great way to end our trip. Here are some highlights of Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead!

Darren feeding the ducks.
Cutest boys!
Haha He makes me smile!
He hated his life jacket!
So we took it off. Isn't he cute in his swim trunks and rash guard shirt?
Darren paddling this surfboard looking thing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

California Vacation- Disnelyland part 2

Our second part of our trip we took Stockton to Disneyland. We know he is too young to remember any of it, but we will. We had so much fun sharing it with all the family and his cousins.

First stop was Club 33 for lunch in Disneyland.

Darren and I enjoying Club 33. Don't worry Stockton is asleep in his stroller.
This is my first ride of the day. This is where my side ponytail had to comedown. :)

My first time on teacups. My mom never let me go on this ride. I think its cuz she hated this ride?
Reasons why a girl would be fun! Cinderella and Jane. This was actually funny, she ran in front of the line and gave Cinderella the biggest hug. It was awesome!

Stockton did this when Jane met Cinderella! haha!

we made Stockton meet the Princesses. He hated it of course!
Haha! He really hated the Princesses!
Darren doing his share of Kid rides! We both loved going with kids and can't wait to take Stockton when he is older.
Stock slept through the loud Mickeys Playhouse Show!

After we fed him, Darren trying to amuse Stock.
Does he look amused?

Can't leave Disneyland without a treat! MMMMMmmmMMMMmmm