Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Pictures!

We got our first official professional family pictures done. Thanks To we got some really cute pictures! We are soo happy with the pictures and can't wait to send out our Christmas cards with some of our fave pics in it! It was fun to take pictures what Moscow is famous for. The wheat fields! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stocktons First Halloween

Darren and I were so excited to share Halloween with Stockton. Holidays are so much better with kids. Halloween in the past has been a dud. Either I had the flu and it ruined our plans OR Darren had to work late and ruined our plans. This year NO ONE got sick and Darren didn't work late. YIPPEE!

We started out the Holiday the week before carving pumpkins. We went to our neighbors house and enjoyed carving designs in the pumpkins and after we had hot chocolate. Stockton had no idea what we were doing. He did what he does best and fell asleep in my arms. :)

Darren carving our pumpkins. He did a good job. He carved a joker.
Stocktons is the little one and Darrens is the other one. He Loves to sleep.

Stockton with the Joker. It was really cool with a candle.All the pumpkins that were carved.

On actual Halloween, I couldn't find Stockton anywhere! I looked and looked and instead I found the scariest little green Dinosaur.
Scary, right?

Another "scary" picture.
Well, Darren didn't believe me. SO I took this scary Dinosaur to Darrens work.
Ok, so he wasn't scary. He was pretty darn cute.

After Darren got off work, we went to a Halloween party our friends put on. They had food, games and lots of kids dressed up. After the party we all went trick or treating.

Couldn't help but kiss the cute little green Dinosaur.Stockton doesn't know it yet, but this is his best friend. They are about 8 weeks apart. CUTE!This is one of Stocktons friends, Cam. They really do like each other. Stockton hated being dressed up.

We took Stockton to his first house to trick or treat. He didn't really care to much.

After about 3 houses he fell asleep on me. Love this boy! We took him home after he fell asleep. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. We sure did!