Monday, August 29, 2011

One of the best reasons for having a boy......

Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This made me laugh....

Darren watching BYU sports and Stockton enjoying it too. Like Father Like son.

Couer D'alene

Since we have moved away from everything we know, we have decided to take advantage and explore parts of Idaho we have never even heard of till now. We packed our bags and spent the weekend in Couer D'alene. It is one of the most beautiful places in Idaho. It has this beautiful lake surrounded by all these expensive homes.

The first day we went and strolled around the Lake. We enjoyed the beauty and Stockton enjoyed being outside! That night we decided to go swimming. When we brought Stockton out this lady freaked out and said it was freezing in the pool. Darren put his foot in the pool and agreed it was too cold for Stock. So we decided just to put our feet in the hot tub. This other guy freaks out and is like "YOU'RE NOT BRINGING HIM IN HERE ARE YOU?!" We just laughed. Why on earth would we bring a baby in a hot guy. Stockton loved watching everyone. Whenever we had him look away from all the kids he cried. He wanted to be social. It was cute. He didn't get to go swimming, but he enjoyed himself anyway.

The next day we wanted to take a boat tour. I swear we were the youngest people there. Everyone was really old. All the old ladies loved seeing Stockton on the boat. One old lady even brought me pictures of her cute grandchild.
I love this little guy. I wish the picture was better, but Darren says our camera is just fine. I beg to differ.

He wouldn't keep his eyes open during each picture! It's ok though he is still adorable!

Relaxing in the hot tub.

Yes, we love to always kiss our little man.
Us, boarding the boat.
Inside the boat. We love our hats!
On top of the boat.
Darren was excited by this part. It was the famous Floating Green Golf Course.
Stockton LOVED the boat ride!

Stocktons blessing and Utah trip.

During the last week of July we decided last minute to head to Utah. We wanted family to finally get to see him and have his blessing around everyone we knew. It was such a quick and fun trip. We got to see both of our families and a few friends. Stockton did Fabulous! He surprised Darren and I how good he was.

We had a lot of fun in Utah. Now that we live in a small town, we are easily entertained. I think my highlight was going to a Target and Cafe Rio! The best part of the weekend was being able to share Stockton's blessing with everyone. It was such a great blessing and I was so proud of Darren to give it to him. I love my little family.

Stock in his blessing outfit. I wasn't a fan of the white outfits we had in Moscow, so put this little number together.
He wore this under the sweater vest. Isn't he the cutest little man?

We had a luncheon after at a park. Darren being one proud daddy.

One of the fun things we did was go to Provo's Saturday Market. My Sister in Laws have started their own Waffle Shoppe there. They were soooo good.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is a start......

I am such a proud Momma, that this deserves it's own blog post. Since Stockton has been born he has been in our bed sleeping. Well Darren and I are so happy to announce that Stockton is starting to sleep in his own bed!

I hated going to bed when he wanted to sleep and I hated that his pacifier kept falling out that it would wake him up. This momma found a solution! I sewed his pacifier to a beanie baby. We also found a baby white noise app on our Ipad.

We are so proud of him. It actually worked! We set the noise app for ten minutes and put his pacifier beanie baby in his mouth and he was out! We are such proud and happy parents!

We are so proud!

Watching them grow up

Since Stockton has been in our lives, he has never ceased to amaze us. It has been fun to watch him enjoy life. We have enjoyed his first smiles and first laughs. This boy loves what the world has to offer. We as parents are excited to watch him enjoy it!
Stockton enjoy his toy! He can try to grab the toys and loves to play with them.