Friday, May 9, 2008

David's day

I am loving today. It's David's homecoming in Utah and he is on everystation. He is my fave on American Idol. He has such pure talent. He may not make the songs more lively like the other contestants, but he has the purest and most soothing voice on that show. GO DAVID! I wish I wasn't somewhat responsible so I could ditch work and go with my sister-n-law Hayley to Gateway to get his autograph. I remind myself I am 28 and too old to be a teeny bopper. So Hayley if you're reading this.....MARRY HIM!! :)


Christian said...

So, as I was on the court of the Jazz game working today, I looked over and there was this really small kid standing next to me.

I wondered what he was doing there when suddenly people started cheering, "DAVID, DAVID!!" to him.

Apparently David "Archuleta" is some famous singer or something. He was there to sing the national anthem at the Jazz game.

And I'm glad you like him, although "meeting" him today didn't really matter to me, so you can claim it if you want. I'm a caring brother like that.

Hay said...

I was standing elbow-to-elbow with David's little sister and ALMOST gave her my number to give to him. I don't regret anything more.

I still have hope though, don't you worry, I'll make him part of the family.

P.S. Did you see my blog? AH!

BeatlesDiva said...

I work two blocks away from Murray High and it was totally crazy that day. I think I would have liked it more, if they did screw up my parking and driving.