Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stockton at 9 months

Wow! The time goes so fast! We are absolutely in love with this little guy. He has grown up so much these past 9 months. Here are a few highlights;

Stockton is mobile. He doesn't quite "crawl" yet, but he rolls and army crawls to get to where he wants. This is quite alright with us!

Stockton had a very serious streak there for a month or so, but then 4 teeth started to appear. Now he is all smily and cheerful again.

Stockton LOVES to eat. He doesn't want me to feed him food. He wants to do it himself.

He is still bald, but I do see it coming in more and more.

Stockton lets me put hats on him. He doesn't take them off. You might think he likes to be stylish, I think he is to lazy to get it off his head. :)

He loves playing with the "big" kids. He ignores me when he does.

Stockton is a charmer. He smiles at EVERYONE he meets. Everyone absolutly loves him after meeting him.

He doesn't have stranger anxiety. He will go to anyone, but he sure loves his mommy. He will smile at anyone who holds him, but if he is in a bad mood he just needs me.

When we were in Portland we went to a Golf Course. While we were in the Club house this old man insisted Stockton put a golf club in his hand. So here he is. First golf club in his hand at 9 months.

Standing up with Grandmas assistance.

Every night before Stock goes to sleep, he laughs uncontrollable. Makes us laugh.

This little guy has started making the funniest noises. Dar and I just giggle when we hear them.

He can say, "Mama" and "Dada"

He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

He has grown so much these past 9 months. He is so much fun to have around. We can't wait to see whats next with him........