Saturday, March 17, 2012

Portland Vacation

Last weekend Darren and I packed our bags and left for Portland. His parents wanted to meet us there for Keith's birthday. We were definatly excited to see his parents. Darren use to live there when he was younger. His parents and him wanted to check out their old neighborhood, and eat at their favorite restaurants.

The first day we met his parents at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. Stockton was so happy to see them and won them over with his first smile. After lunch we decided to check out their old home. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Big BYU flag being flown at the house. We continued to check out their old 'hood. It was fun to see and hear all their memories.
The next day we went to Canon beach. Darren and I got engaged there 6 years ago. He was doing summer sales here in Oregon and I flew down to meet him here. It was nice to reminisce of our engagement and how he proposed.

Later that night we went swimming and took Stock in the pool for the first time. He had so much fun. I tell you we have the perfect kid. He smiles and smiles and only cries if he is tired or hungry.

The next day is when things took a turn. We went shopping all afternoon. (Thanks Darren!) When we were driving home Dar complained of his tummy hurting. We took him back to the hotel. Thats where he ended up having the flu and was in bed the rest of the night. I did take off with his parents to dinner, but I did end up back as soon as I could to take care of Darren.

We drove home the next day and Darren felt better. (The flu ended up being the worst flu I have ever seen, but at least we were able to drive home.) It was tough to say goodbye to his parents. It has made me miss family and Utah. Stockton was so adored and loved. We enjoyed our trip, despite the flu. Thanks for letting us share your weekend Trish and Keith!

now on to pics.....

Stockton being the perfect baby he is and enjoying the drive.
He was excited to get out of the car and play with Daddy.

He was sure excited to see Grandma.
At Grandpa's birthday dinner at one of his favorite chinese restaurants in Portland.

Stockton about to go swimming for his first time.

He loved it! He loved splashing!

Wasn't quite sure when he first went in, but he smiled the rest of the time.

Darren and his parents at their old place they would go Crabbing at.
Just a normal cloudy day at the coast. It was absolutly beautiful.

Lunch. What a view!
This is Canon beach. Darren proposed to me right about here by Haystack Rock. It was fun to go back to where it all began.
I love this family!
This backpack lasted not too long. He wanted to be free.

Who is that handsome guy?

My stylin' baby!


Kari said...

ROFL! You need a framed backpack. I love Stockton's face in that picture.