Friday, September 30, 2011

California Vacation- Newport Beach part 1

Our little family decide to brave it with a baby and fly to California. We met up with Darren's parents and siblings and rented a beach house for the first 5 days and then went to Lake Arrowhead and stayed in Darren's Aunt Susan's cottage there. We had tons of kids there and boy was it a blast.

We took Stockton on his first plane ride. He did awesome. Everyone kept asking us if he ever cries. We just told them he is pretty much perfect.

Our beach house was in Newport Beach. It was a house away from the beach. A few of the mornings I would go running along side the beach with my Sister in Law, Tiffany. It was pretty cool to do my runs by the beach and ocean. Made it a "little" easier.

Everyday we would pretty much go hangout on the beach, relax and eat at lots of awesome restaurants. ( I gained 7 pounds) We had a so much fun!

Eating at Rudy's overlooking the ocean!

Mommy and baby!

He had to have sandals too, right?
Love his face!

This is how we protected him from the sun. He loved it. He took awesome naps in it.

Stockton enjoyed the beach.

This is Stockton's one year old cousin, Paisley. This picture just made me smile of her.


Kerstin said...


Miss you guys!!!

Kari said...

Awesome Heather. Cute baby tent. Maybe I should blog too.