Sunday, June 10, 2012

If It's Your Birthday Shout Hooray!

Ever since Stockton was born, I had been planning his first birthday party. I have been so excited for this day. Getting decorations ready. Planning the Menu. Getting just the right outfit ready. The one thing I couldn't plan that day was the Weather.

Before we celebrated his birthday, Darren and I ran (my first) Utah Valley half Marathon. We had been training for this race since February. Training took a lot of time and dedication. We were excited and ready for this race. 

That morning we had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to get to the buses in time that took us to the start of our race. It started up Provo Canyon. Man! That was early! At the beginning of the race there were fire pits. We cuddled up around them to stay warm until the sun came out. We waited around until 6 a.m.

Finally our race started and adrenaline was pumping. The first two miles went by really fast. It all went by really fast until mile 10. I was tired, hurting and ready to reach that finish line. When I reached that finish line I just wanted to cry. I saw everyone cheering. I got really emotional when I saw Stockton and Darren (he finished before me) at the finish line. 

Later that Day, we had Stocks first birthday. Like I said before, I planned everything for months and months. Everything was going perfect, until the Weather started acting up. The wind was horrible. We were trying to decorate this cute park. I had it envisioned it here, BUT the wind was so horrible everything was blowing away. Finally I gave up and said, "We are moving the party in my parents house."

I was a little defeated, but Hayley and my Sister, Kari stepped up and help me pull it together in the house. It wasn't exactly what I imagined, but I pulled it off and Stockton was happy regardless. That's all that really matters anyway, right?

For his party we had a Monkey theme. We had a bbq, homemade root beer, banana splits, cupcakes and a monkey cake. Stockton LOVED the cake! I think that was his favorite part. He was in heaven. Stockton didn't enjoy opening presents. He was to eager to crawl around the house. I finally opened up the gift from me and Darren. He got a Lightning Mcqueen Car. He loved it and all the sounds it made.

All in all Stockton loved all the attention. Thanks everyone who made it a special day for us and especially Stockton.

 Hayley with Stockton.

 Darren finishing the race.
 Here I come!
 Stockton really missed his mama.
 I will never forget this day. His first birthday and my first half marathon.
He loves his daddy and his balloon. No, he doesn't walk. Almost there tho!

 Martha Stewart made this Monkey cake look soooooo easy. PSH! She is a LIAR! :)

 I made these cupcakes. I loved how these turned out.
 He loved his cake.
I mean he really really LOVED his cake!

His Cars Toy he got.  The little girl playing with him is his little girlfriend. 

Happy Birthday Stockton. Mommy and Daddy love and adore you!


Christian Olson said...

Happy Birthday Stockton and GREAT job Heather and Darren! We miss you and wish we could be there.

By the way, there is no wind here in Arizona in case you are planning another party :)