Monday, February 27, 2012

Wazzu basketball game.

As a family we went to the Washington State Basketball game. Darren's work had tickets on the 5th row. Score! It was totally fun for me and Stockton to get out of the house. Winter months are hard as a mom being stuck in the house. Stockton enjoyed himself, except for the 20 minute melt down when we walked in and sat in our seats. It was way too loud for him. He burst out in tears. It was so sad. I had to take him out and get him use to the noise before we could sit down to enjoy the game. After he got use to it he loved it and didn't cry again!

Stockton sitting down after his meltdown. At this point he was just a little nervous.
Darren holding the "baby." Love these two!
As you can see he calmed down real fast.
In fact, he couldn't stop laughing!
I know, I know what your thinking...RED? Unfortunately their colors are red. I guess we can enjoy red as long as Stockton is wearing his BYU shirt.Fun game. Although I am so clueless. No one told me I was wearing rivalry colors at the rivalry game.