Monday, January 9, 2012

Stockton is 7 months today.

Stockton is 7 months today! I couldn't be more in love with him. He has gotten funner and funner. He interacts a lot more and doing so much more. He is a tall and skinny kid. 75 percent of height and 25 percentile of weight.

Things that he does are:

He gives the best wet slobbery kisses. You know you have made it in his world if you are lucky enough to get one.

Stockton has an Infectious smile that radiances from ear to ear. People gravitate towards him and always fall in love with him instantly. When I was on a flight home from Utah, the flight attendants all asked to hold him. He knows how to work it.

Stockton rolls over everywhere. If I turn my back I will find him clear on the other side of the room.

Stockton LOVES to eat. We started solids Christmas day. He now gets upset if I am eating and he isn't. I have to share my food!

Stockton has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Stockton loves kids and loves to watch them. He thinks they are really cool.

Stockton loves watching tv with his daddy. He has his own little remote so he won't grab daddy's.
Not only does Stockton love to sleep, but he cries until we put him back in his own bed!!! Even when mommy wants to Snuggle!

Stockton isn't shy and loves everyone. He will go to just about anyone. He prefers mommy, but only when he is tired and hungry. He is a good baby.

Stockton can sit up, just not for long periods of time. We are working on that! He is close tho!

He has his two bottom teeth, with more on the way!

Stockton is a good baby, I feel like I was really blessed to get a baby like him. We can't wait to see whats next with him. He is growing up WAY to fast!


marie said...

He is definitely a charmer.....cutest little boy and I love him so much!