Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stockton at 6 weeks

Wow! Time goes so fast with a baby. We absolutely are in love with him. He is just over 6 weeks old now and we are enjoying every minute with him. It definately has been fun to see his personality grow and grow.

First off, he is totally a cuddle bug. I have always wanted a cuddly baby. There are times where it can be hard, like when he wont sleep anywhere but nuzzled next to his momma. There are other times where its the best. Who wouldn't want to hold a baby and see there sweet face? I love this sweet cuddly baby.

Second, He is getting the cutest smiles. It's so cool to talk to him and he just smiles back. He loves to hear us sing and talk to him. (he doesn't care if we don't have the best singing voices either)!

Next, he is sooooo dramatic. When he eats he acts like he hasn't eaten in days. He makes the loudest noises and gulps. Darren and I just laugh. You should also see when he has to poop. SOOO dramatic!

For the most part he is a really good baby. He does have his moments when he is fussy, but for the most part he is happy. Darren and I couldn't of asked for a better and cuter baby. He is perfect in our little family. We hope we can add a brother or sister for him someday! Especially if they are as cute as him.

His daddy sure does adore him

He loves his baths
My favorite picture......his best friend....


Keith and Trish said...

Not only is he SO cute, but you MAKE him look so cute with all his cute outfits and picture poses. Can't wait to hold your little snugglebug soooooon! TRISH

Becky said...

I love that picture of him with the glow-worm toy! What a sweet little boy you have Heather!