Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cancun part 4 My birthday

For my birthday I was in Cancun! That day started with breakfast in bed and then we went on a shopping tour of Cancun, which was soooooo fun! Pictured above is me on our shopping tour.

Darren having fun shopping.
when we got back to our room Darren surprised me with the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and a birthday cake.

My fave thing to do is order room service, and the room service was all inclusive. Yes, I did share with Darren my food, but remember I am eating for two now.

At dinner we went to this fabulous Mexican restaurant and they sang to me Happy Birthday in their cute accents and gave me this. What you don't see is they were holding two rifle guns above my head while singing.

Our favorite past time in Cancun, Darren even let me win on my birthday.

I love this pic. It's my first baby bump picture. You can kind of tell I am pregnant here and not just getting fat!

Cancun part 3 Xcaret

One of our other excursions we went to Xcaret. It was all about the culture of Mexico, plus snorkeling and seeing some cool animals.
the underground river we got to snorkle through.

Shortcut to Brazil
Darren caught a Butterfly on his finger.
and I caught 2 parrots on my shoulder
Taking a little boat ride.

Going into the night show and Darren having fun with one of the Mayan people.

This place was awesome!

Cancun part 2 Tulum

Our first adventure in Mexico was the Tulum Ruins. It was really cool and beautiful. We loved learning about and seeing some of the history in Mexico.

Taking our little bus to the entrance.
All the Mayan people in front of Tulum trying to sell us their "goods"
Darren headed into the entrance of Tulum

Darren made me pose in front of the Fertility builiding. :) He even made me kiss it for good luck.

Some of the beautiful scenery at Tulum.

Darren thought this was soo funny. I had drank 4 water bottles on the way home from our 2 hour bus ride. Well as we are almost home I had to pee so bad I was going to pee my pants. Darren thought it would be funny to take a picture of me after I got done in the bathroom lol.

Cancun part 1

Last August Darren and I decided to plan a big trip to Mexico. We had been trying for a baby for almost 3 years with no luck and decided just to bite the bullet and plan a trip. We also laughed that if we did this we would get pregnant. :) A month after we planned our big trip we indeed get pregnant and decided to go on our trip anyway. We had so much fun and glad we did this big trip before our baby comes in June.

We did a lot of this on the beach.

and a lot of this.

We also ate A LOT!!!

Darren and I got to try coconut milk. He loved it, me not so much.
my cute husband.
Even though I am pregnant and in paradise. I was exhausted!