Friday, August 6, 2010

St George Fun.

For the 24th of July, Darren and I decided to go to St. George. His parents just bought a Condo and let us stay there. His sister and brother in law came and his parents. St. George is beautiful and I never realized how pretty it was until I went up for the weekend. We went and saw Tarzan at the Tuachan.(sp?) We swam pretty much everyday and got our tan on. I also saw my husband golf like a pro for the first time. He is amazing at golf! We also got to eat at lots of good local restaurants. What's a vacation without good food right? Here is some pictures of our trip.

In the parking lot of one of the restaurants...BEAUTIFUL! and I don't just mean that cute couple! :)

Darren golfing like a pro. Look at that swing!

The highlight of watching Darren golf. I got to drive the cart. Don't I look so cool? Who knew you weren't suppose to drive the cart on the golf green! Stupid golf rules. :)

Dar and I in the golf cart.
Darren getting his tan on.


denise said...

Heather, It makes me so happy to see you blogging again. I'm glad you had fun in St. George. Hopefully you can have fun in PHOENIX when you come see us!