Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yes we are alive!

Darren and I have been on hiatus for awhile. We have had so much happen to us. Most of you I am sure know. We found out we were pregnant in July and in September we lost the baby. We have been trying to deal with being pregnant then not. We have appreciated everyone who has dropped by, prayed for us and even called us. We haven't been able to get through this without any of you. Darren and I are doing really well with all of this. Even though this miscarriage has been not as hard as the first one, it still is tough to deal with and we hope people can be patient with us as we go through this tough time again. We may not be over it when everyone would like us to be, but we are in a good place and have the lord on our side.

On a lighter note, Darren got a new calling and so did I. Darren is now working with the Deacons as the Young Mens second counselor. He has about 10 to 12 active deacons, so his calling will definatly keep him busy. I got called as Young Womens Secretary along with keeping my other calling as Personal Progress Advisor. We both work with the youth and love it.

This past week we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We stayed in a really cool hotel called, Newpark with our own private hot tub. That was a blast! After 3 years of never buying our own furniture, just getting stuff from other people or garage sells, we went to RC Willey and bought a new sectional couch and king size bed. LOVE IT!

As you can tell we have had a lot of things happen to us. I will blog more later and post pictures.


BeatlesDiva said...

I didn't know about this miscarriage. I'm so sorry to hear this.

On a lighter note, congrats on your new callings!

marie said...

I am glad to know that you are alive!!

denise said...

Love you Heather.

Christian and I worked in the Young Men's and Young Women's when we lived in Provo. It was so awesome to be with the youth. I cried so hard when I got released!

The Springers said...

I am glad that things are going good. Happy Anniversary:) Miss ya girlie!

Tiffany said...

Heather! Keep updating. I love to see what you and Dar are up too. I love the "falling rocks" detail in the Timp post. That made me laugh. I know you are going through a hard time right now. I am here for you if you need anything! I love you! Tiff