Monday, May 18, 2009

He is getting soo Old!

My sweet husband turned 26 years old this past saturday. He is getting old! I know, not as old as me, but close. :) For his birthday I had a couple surprises for him. One of the surprises was a professional massage. He was soo excited. He has never had a massage that good before. Later that night we met his parents and went to Tucano's. We ate good and had good company. We then went home and watched a sports documentary and opened presents. He had a great birthday and I can't wait to celebrate lots more with him.

Us at Tucano's

for Mother's Day, my husband thought I should be celebrated on that day too, so he bought me this book. I LOVE TO BAKE!!!

This is his Peanut Butter Cake that I made from that baking cookbook. He loved it!
All of his birthday presents from me.


The Springers said...

You are such a good little Wifey! Hope your doing wonderful!

Lindsey said...

Hey... look at that cute birthday banner behind those presents there ;) Glad you guys had a fun time! I've never been to Tucanos! I hope the masseuse was able to work out that knot in Darren's back!

Mike said...

Not so sure about the "old" comment! :) You two make a great couple. BTW that cake looks absoluetly fabulous!!