Friday, February 13, 2009

What I love about Darren...

With Valentines Day approaching, I wanted to take the time and share a couple things that I love about my sweetheart....

1. I love the way Darren would do anything I ask of him, or he knows he should do. (like turning off a Jazz or BYU game just to be with ME!)

2. I love the way Darren kisses me every morning before he goes to work.

3. I love the way Darren takes all his responsibilities seriously. ( Husband, Provider, and I know when we start a family, a Father)

4. I love the way Darren lets me win arguments, even though I am wrong a lot of the time. :)

5. I love the way Darren gets so intense when watching a Byu game, but he calms down shortly after it's over so we can have our quality time.

6. I love the way Darren is the most dependable person. In fact, people in church ask him to give Priesthood lessons 15 mins before church even starts, and he never complains. He says yes with a smile.

7. I love the way Darren will surprise me with my fave food, taco bell, or even surprise me with flowers, with no reason at all.

8. I love the way Darren puts me as his first priority always. He worried about me this winter so he bought me a SUV.

9. I love the way Darren is as eager and excited to hopefully become a parent someday.

10. I love the way Darren will help me accomplish anything. Even if that means holding my hand so I finish a race.

11. I love the way Darren gets goofy with me and we can just be goofy for hours.

12. I love the way Darren will always want to do fun things and try and experience new things...with me.

13. I love the way Darren loves Children.
14. I love the way Darren puts his mind to something, determined to do it or get it and he does. Even when he wants so badly to catch the baseball at a Bee's Game.

Lastly, I love the way Darren is one of the best men out there. He tries to be kind to everyone and show respect for everyone. Anyone is lucky to cross his path.

Darren I love you! Happy Valentines Day!


Christian Olson said...

I have to say that Darren is a pretty good guy too. I'm glad you two found each other :)

denise said...

That child your hubby loves is one of the cutest babies ever!

Keith and Trish said...

Darren is the BEST! I know that cause I'm his mother! He was ALWAYS a great kid, and now a terrific adult! Lucky you, Heather! Ok, you're BOTH lucky:)