Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I know I am good, posting twice in one day! As I have looked back at 2008, I realize, Darren and I did a lot. So here is my list of stuff in order we did last year.

1. Darren graduated school with his bachelors in Business.

2. Darren got a real job being a manager.

3. We went to Cabo, Mexico. (That was a blast)

4. We moved away from Happy Valley to Ute Country. (wow has that been hard)

5. I got a real job and actually do something I love. I got a job at a kid salon.

6. I got pregnant with twins

7. I miscarried a few months later.

8. We paid off both of our cars!

9. Darren bought me a SUV for the winters.

As I look back at our list I can't believe how much we did this last year. Now I want to write my list for 2009. In no particular order.

Get pregnant. (hope this happens soon and no I am not pregnant yet)

Get out of debt. (almost out of debt, we just have to pay off a little bit more)

Lose all this weight I have gained. ( We both joined weight watchers again)

I want to run a 5k

Buy a house ( We probably wont buy one this year, but hey might as well put it on my list.)

Stick to our budget :)

That's all I can think of right now. I am sure Darren has a few more he would like to add, but for now this is my list. Happy new year everyone and hope you all your goals and resolutions you make you stick with them and accomplish them.


Ryan and Jannali said...

hey Heather! i found your blog on Tara's page! it's fun to see what all the BL girls are up to haha. anyways hope youre doing great! i'll ttyl

liz taylor said...

Hey. It's Liz (Christian's friend). Anyway, I found your blog through Christian's. You are so cute! So, I am sorry to hear about the baby loss. I've gone through that twice now. I lost one in June at 11 weeks. It was so hard. How are you doing? On a happy note, sounds like you guys are doing well. So, we have a blog. It's, but it's private cuz of some issues. Anyway, if you would like to see it, email me at I'd love to invite ya. Hope you are doing well!