Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Crazy Weekend

This past weekend has been Crraaaaazzzzyyy!! Darren and I finally went on a date. It's been a long time since I can remember going on a date with just ourselves. It was soo nice to be with one another. I got all dolled up and ready to be with my babe. Darren took me to a Jazz Game. Which I always love going to. We decided to just eat dinner there and for dessert had these HUGE ice cream cones that I couldnt finish. All in all it was fabulous just to be with my sweety.
That following sunday Darren and I babysat for 2 nights my sister in law, Annie's kids. It was fun, but definatly not easy. The first night I decided we are just going to make pizza for dinner then wash up for bed. The kids loved helping me make a pizza, but Harrison (her 5 year old) asks me, "Where is the pepperoni?" I had to explain to him that it was sunday and I had to use what we had in the house. When the pizza was done those two kids devoured most of the pizza. I was suprised they ate so much. My nephew and nieces on my side eat very little. Harrison and Rex ate half a jelly roll pan sized pizza. WOW! The next day was monday and we decided to have FHE. We pulled out the friend and talked about an article in there. I think it was about helping out and being nice. The kids had fun and Darren and I had fun. We definatly are ready for kids, just one at a time. I didnt know if you knew this or not but kids are a handful! :)

Rex telling Darren during FHE, "You're so right Darren!" It was funny.



Look how cute you two are! They're not even your own kids and you do FHE with them. Your amazing and your children will be so blessed to have such wonderful parents.

Summer said...

How cute are the two of you!! You are going to be fabulous parents!!

Kari said...
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Kari said...

Ummm....Elijah now eats his weight in food on a daily basis. We actually started to send him to school for breakfast because we couldn't keep up. He's a growing.

Shug said...

you guys should have kids!!