Friday, September 26, 2008

Our California Trip (part 2)

We have been having so much fun in California. Darren likes to plan tons of activities, so that's what we have been doing. The highlight of our trip is Disneyland and Club 33. It's been so fun being able to spend our 2 year anniversary in California and getting to spend some time with one another. I love Darren.

This was a fun day. Darren took me to get on the Price is Right. What a blast that was. We met some crazy, fun people. Which was good, because you spend hours and hours waiting in line to get on the show. When we got into the show they had some fun music on and everyone was dancing and singing. It was crazy people were dancing in the isles and going nuts. IT WAS FUN! Drew Carey was the host and was pretty hilarious. In between tapings he would ask question and just talk to the audience. Whenever someone would lose he would tell them what they did wrong and what he would of done.

I must say, I didn't want to get up early and get on the show. Darren literally had to drag me there. I was wrong though. It was one of the funnest experiences in my life. I didn't want to be called up. Thank goodness I wasn't. I just got to enjoy myself on a classic tv show with Darren.

They wouldn't let us have camera's so this picture is the best we got.

After the Price is Right we tried to find a In and Out. We found one as you can see after taking the wrong freeways and after an hour or more in RUSH HOUR we found one in Sunset BLVD. Yay and it was totally worth it.
Later that night Darren's aunt hooked us up with Dodger tickets. What a fun game. We got to watch my new favorite team and have dodger dogs.
This is at Disneyland. Halloween was just getting started at Disneyland so everything was decked out in Halloween stuff. We are in front of the Haunted Mansion. They changed it to the Nightmare Before Christmas story. It was cool to see the mansion changed up.

Darren right before the big drop at splash mtn.
This is in front of the "infamous" door of club 33.
We are waiting for our food at the club. They guy who was helping us was telling us about all the famous stars who ate there.
I thought this was funny. This was the toilet at club 33.

This is part of club 33. This is the telephone booth there. This same telephone booth was used in the movie, The Happiest Millionare. ( I thought my sister Kari would appreciate that)
Right as you walk in Club 33. We are in front of the elevator.
On the main st in Disneyland.
I thought this was hilarious. We are right in back of the parade. When it would end people would get up and follow it so they could leave the park. It would keep stopping so the characters could sing and dance. By that time we were ready to just leave. Guess you had to be there :)


Kari said...

Hey, I totally want that phone booth in my front room.

The Thueson's said...


Your pictures are cute! I like the shorter hair :) Okay so.. seeing this makes me want to go to California. Too bad Braun is always too busy...maybe Em and I could go! :) Price is Right is fun huh?? It is so dang long, but way fun! I loved it!

Oh and that fishy thing your hubs is petting is a sting ray! Not an EEL...

Deno&Mo said...

Hey! Too bgad we didn't get together, but on Monday we'll be in your town! :) We'll see you soon! darren-nice beard-haha.

Justina Selim said...

Hey, not sure if you remember me, but I wanted to say hello! We went to Bon Losse together! Fun to catch up on you!

Mark and Summer said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! Next time I am at DL I am going to find that door!! I am super jealous that you got to go to the happiest place on earth. Way to get to 2 years!!!

Bobbie said...

Halloween time is my favorite at a Disney Theme park!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

princess jen said...

I LOVE the Happiest Millionaire!