Monday, April 21, 2008


Hey y'all, this is Darren. I know I don't come on here much, but I have work off today and tomorrow and decided to come on here and spill what's going through my head. ***WARNING*** This might be long and a big ramble, but for some reason I just feel like speaking my mind right now, don't ask me why (don't you think blogs are kind of like modern-day journals? I hope they never go away).

Anyways, work is going great for me. I have been with Sherwin-Williams for 3 1/2 months now, and am loving it. It's a great job. In fact, these past two years, Fortune Magazine has rated Sherwin-Williams in its "Top 100 companies to work for". Ok ok, I know it's been rated like #98 both years, but just think of all the thousands and thousands of companies in America, and this magainze decides to rank us in the top 100 best to work for. I could go on and on why this is probably so, but suffice it to say I love my job so far and it's been a great start to my post-college career.

I've really been reflecting on my marriage a lot lately and I decided to make a little list of reflections of things I've learned and love since I 've been married to my sweetheart Heather. These are in no particular order, I'll just write them as they come to my head. Also, as a note, these all might seem very simple if you just browse over them, but those of you that are married know that a simple phrase can mean so much more than the few words said. In other words, these all have a lot of meaning to me.

1- Heather has been everything I expected plus more. When I met her and was in the first stages of dating, I knew she was very special. However, she has exceeded every expectation of mine a hundred fold.

2- Honestly, when we argue and get in fights, about 90% of the time Heather is usually right. I don't know how she has the patience to deal with my nastiness sometimes, but she does and she's amazing.

3- Marriage is fun. Heather is by far my best friend. I tell her almost everything and everything. The stuff I don't tell her is sometimes better not said (again, I can be nasty and rude) and moat of the time not true.

4- Somehow we find ways to get through things. I don't know how, but we do (I bet most of you can relate).

5- Heather has made me be a better person in many ways. Again, I don't know how she does it, but she is amazing.

6- For the most part, n-laws are great (parents, siblings, etc.). However, you can only spend so much time with them before you just want to be with your spouse (and probably kids too-- this I don't know for sure yet).

7- I'm thankful Heather lets me watch sports. I remember taking a girl out on a first date once to a BYU football game and it was horrible! I don't know how she lets me watch so much sports, but for me watching sports gets my mind off other things.

Anyways, there's many more things to talk about, but suffice it to say I have loved every second of being married to Heather. She had definately made me a much better person in life in so many ways. I continue to love her more each day of my wife. I am very blessed and lucky to have found Heather!


Hay said...

Awe! Cute, Darren! You two are MFEO. (If you don't know what that means, watch Sleepless in Seattle)

Kari said...

That is very sweet Darren. I'm not quite sure what to make of #6. Are you saying we get, oh, I don't know, overwhelming and annoying sometimes???

Tintle's said...

Dar! That was soo sweet. I love you baby

Kerstin said...

Darren, it is so nice to know that my sister found someone that treats her how she deserves. She is honestly the kindest person that I have ever known. Good job Darren (and Heather for picking him!)!!!

by AnnieValentine said...

Would you talk to your brother? I could use a tribute like that once every ten years.