Monday, March 10, 2008

Missing Cabo

Hey y'all, this is Darren... Yes, I am missing Cabo, but who seriously wouldn't miss this (the picture below)? This is what we woke up to every day which seems like years ago. Oh well, that's life, right? You work your butt off for years for a measly 8 days in paradise? I must say though, it was worth it! The sad part about this picture was that it was taken the morning that we were leaving for home...

Life has been good lately, although not much news to talk about. Heather and I are still looking for a place in Bountiful. I have to admit, we really haven't been looking that hard, but I am feeling more and more motivated to really start looking hard. We have enjoyed staying at my parents house and we are EXTREMELY grateful to them for putting up with us. However, both Heather and I are becoming more anxious to just find our own place quick. The funny thing about this is that my personality is more like "Let's take our time to find the right place..." whereas Heather thinks more on the lines of "Just find me a place already, Darren!" I learned this early on as Heather wanted to marry after dating me only a couple months whereas I needed to take my time to think through such a hard decision. Anyways, we'll find the right place soon!

My job is going good. I have been with Sherwin-Williams now for just over two months and have enjoyed the job. I am so anxious to just dig in alredy and majorly impact my store. Unfortunately with this experience, I really need to learn patience and let knowledge come with time. I love business and analyzing why some businesses do better than others. Besides all this, the job is a really good one, and I'm definately enjoying it for now!

Like I said, there's not really much new with us except for trying to find as place to live. We'll keep you updated!


Kerstin said...

I am glad all is going well for you guys! Good luck on the apartment hunt.

Tell Heather it was fun "hanging out" with her yesterday. We need to do it more now that the weather is nicer....

Megan said...

You look so good in your pics. I miss you and we are definitely doing something next week.

p.s. I love my hair cut.

Tiffany said...

I see this huge shark with a dorsal fin...oh! oops! That's Darren.

You two look great! What a view from your room. Summer will be here before you know it Heather. Still on a Winter Strike? It's officially Spring tomorrow! Yeah!

Love you guys! Tiff