Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2008

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! This is our fist official post on our new blog. We hope that you come visit us often.

I just started my new job at Sherwin-Williams this week, and my first week was very overwhelming. I am training at the American Fork store which is actually very new, so it's fun working there. I will continue to train through mid-February, and then I head off to Dallas, Texas for a week of corporate training, afterwhich I will be relocated to another store which I will manage (Assistant to the Manager ;-) Right now we have no idea where I will be relocated, although we're pretty sure I will stay in Utah, however, nothing's for sure. We're hoping to stay in Utah, but whatever the Lord wants, right?!

Heather is continuing to work at Wal-Mart's pharmacy. She has been the bread-winner for so long that I think now she is happy to know that when she quits Wal-Mart, my job will be able to pay enough for her to stay home and raise our family. She is looking as good as ever, didn't I marry a babe????

We will both be posting on here, so have fun and we hope to see some visitors here!