Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stocktons First Christmas.

Most of everyone spent the night at my parents for Christmas. So we woke up to more presents then usual. Stockton got everything he wanted for Christmas, a Byu hat and Food. (no I had never given him food until Christmas morning).

This was a really nice Christmas. Not only did we get to spend it with people we love, we also got to go to church on Christmas morning. It was a great Sacrament meeting. It totally brought the spirit that day.

After Church we left to go see his side of the family open some presents and drive up to Logan for dinner at Darrens Cousins house. We had turkey dinner, played games, talked and the boys watched sports!

Stockton had a great Christmas. He did start getting clingy by the end of the night, after being passed around all day, but all in all he did awesome. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Our Christmas Tree

Stockton with his two favorite presents.
Elijah helping Stock open presents.
Our cute Stockings that we got someone to make us!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was at my parents house this year. We had EVERYONE over. It was the first time in YEARS this has ever happened. Stockton loved all the attention. ALL the kids loved him! Everyone wanted to hold him. I was surprised how well all the cousins did with him. As one on my nieces Ally said, "he is so happy, because he is getting attention!" :)

Christmas Eve we had our traditional Clam Chowder and sandwiches. After Dinner we sang carols and Santa left a present at the door for the kids. PAJAMAS! The kids had fun and so did all the adults. Christian at the end put a timer on for ten minutes and wrestled with the kids. They were so exhausted when they finally went to bed. Heh, so were the adults.

My sister in law, Denise and I with our boys in their matching pjs.
Darren playing the piano with his accompanist, Topher.
The kids thought it would be fun to walk Stockton.
My handsome boys.
Some of the cousins.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stockton and Tian

For the past few months we had been Skyping with my brother and his family. We wanted to be able to see each others kids since we both lived so far away from each other. The kids loved Stockton, Tian especially. In fact before he met Stockton he would call every bald baby in Az Stockton.

When they finally met Tian always wanted to hold Stockton. I loved it. Here are a few pictures of the two cousins!

Stockton has only given a few people kisses. Besides mommy and daddy Tian was one.
Stockton wanted to get in the picture with Stockton Christmas morning.
Love Tian face in this.

Tian wanted to hold him. Haha. I think Stockton was too heavy.