Friday, September 26, 2008

BYU Game and Our Trip (part 1)

Darren and I started our big trip by going to a BYU game. After the game (which they wooped WY) we headed to vegas to stay at my aunts condo. The game was a blast.
The first fun thing we did was go to the Beatles show in Vegas. It was soo crazy. I can't even explain what its about. Everyone just needs to go. It's amazing. Their is all this circus acts among other things to alot of Beatles songs. Very cool.
This is Darren in front of the Beatles lounge. T is for Tintle right?

The next fun thing we did was go to sea world. It was sorta like a zoo for fish. It was fun, but we agreed would be funner to take our kids someday. We are at the Shamu show. We didn't get drenched. YAY! At the dolphin show though, this poor lady was getting drenched by the dolphins. It was like they had a grudge against her. They wouldn't stop splashing water on her. It was like buckets pooring down. She was drenched, but we weren't :)

Darren thought this picture was cool. Above my head is this shark. I dont look nervous at all.

Darren petting something, haha, at Sea world. I think it's a eel?

This was before the ride at Sea World.

This is after. We are completely soaked. Note to self, never ride Sea World rides again.
We hung out at Ocean Beach in San Diego after Sea World. It was relaxing and fun to watch all the surfers.
We ate at this really good restaurant in Old Downtown San Diego. They had the BEST fried ice cream EVER.


BeatlesDiva said...

You don't know how jealous I am of you two right now. You got to see Beatles Love!

Looks like you had a great time and you deserve every minute of it!

Kari said...

Isn't that a Ray? Heather, you need to do some Sea Animal brushing up. Maybe going to Sea World would help. (irony)